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Jasmine Mans’ Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels book review
By Spencer Greene

Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels is an honest anthology of poetry written by 20-year-old Jasmine Mans. Growing up in Newark, NJ, Jasmine has seen enough destruction and beauty to be both humbled and hungry for a greater art and government. Her poetry relays the stories that have been placed upon her heart, offering something tangible to audiences and critics alike.

Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels creatively delivers a series of heartfelt and blood-boiling pieces that are filled with both religious and political undertones. What follows are story-tales, lurking in the air that only some of us are chosen to hear. Here, she does not hold her tongue or her pen. This book is a representation of who Jasmine Mans is becoming, not who she is. Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels is filled with a variety of Jasmine’s most perfect and cherished flaws.

“Blood has decorated these streets, they have begun to look like pastures of rose petals,” setting the tone for this collection of elegies, proses, and lyric poems. Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels is exactly that – the tracing of dreams deferred, love lost and vanished souls. Though it may appear to be some sort of requiem at first, you find yourself inspired by the end of the book.

Published by Thorn10 Publishing, LLC

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